Tuesday, February 26, 2013

If I Blogged More...

In honor of the fact that I've written about two posts in the last four months, I've decided to write ten things you'd hear about if I blogged more about my running.

If I blogged more...

You'd hear about how I'm more excited to run Eugene this year than I was last year.

You'd hear about how I'm already thinking about marathons #8 and #9, but haven't committed to anything yet. (I don't want to commit without knowing where I'll be in terms of job and location.)

You'd learn about these Plantar Massage Balls I bought from Foot Traffic and how they're amazing.

You'd hear me talk about how said balls, my foam roller, and Epsom salt baths comprise my recovery trifecta. (I hope Seinfeld didn't trademark the word trifecta.)

You'd learn that I've concluded that running and religion are similar. (Running is an individualistic sport, but having a community/group of runner friends provides loads of support and motivation. Religion is based on one's relationship with some deity, but having a community of like-minded believers provides (or should provide) loads of support with living according to that religion's doctrine.)

You'd hear about how I'm super-stressed because I have about three weeks to finish classes and finish writing my thesis. (Maybe I could use said stress to fuel my training runs!)

You'd hear my nonsensical musings from my runs (though let's face it, my thought process while not running doesn't make much sense either).

You'd hear about why I got into running in the first place. (It's a long story that I tried to write in my head while on my run yesterday. I got as far as, "It seemed like a good idea." Isn't that how all of my good stories start?)


  1. Good stuff here! I feel ya on the school/running balance. I wrote a LOT of my MS thesis on my runs (or rather, I thought about it a lot... funny how big mileage made me mentally retreat into Kenya's higher education systems, ha) :) All great fodder here- you'll just have to revisit this post in the future and take each idea one-by-one :) excited to see ya soon!!

    1. That's a great idea! That's so funny how your thoughts just drifted toward your thesis topic (and an intense topic, at that!). You just reminded me too -- I had a moment of clarity after my run this morning regarding my thesis. Hopefully, I have many more of those moments, so I could be like you and essentially write my thesis on the run. :)

      PS Two months until our reunion!