Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Morning Runs

As I awoke this morning, I had quite the predicament. I wondered if I should go for my run in the morning, wait until the evening and use the morning to work on homework, or push it back to tomorrow because my schedule has more space then. As tempting as it was to put off the run, I opted to put on my running gear and go then. I couldn't resist the power of the sun pouring into my window!

So at 6am, I was running up one of the busiest streets in my neighborhood, and I couldn't help but notice how quiet it was. It made for a very peaceful run, and I felt like I got a head start on my day. It was quite empowering.

I realized that morning running has some other benefits in addition to these.

None of the crazies were out. Unless you consider other morning runners crazy

You can start your day with a healthy choice. And because healthy begets healthy, it could inspire some other great decisions!

Even if the rest of your day falls apart, you can still hold onto the satisfaction of knowing that you finished your workout before some people even wake up. (And no, I am not elaborating upon whether my day fell apart. Let's just leave it at "I'm lucky I don't pass a liquor store on my way home.")

After a long day of work (or just a long day in general), you can collapse on the couch and not feel guilty for missing your workout, because it's already done!

And now because I woke up at 5:30am, I was ready to fall asleep at about 10pm. Thus, I may or may not be face-planting in my bed. Good night!

What time of day do you prefer running?

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