Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Getting Back into It

Yesterday turned out to be a GREAT day for a run, simply because of the weather! At 6pm, it was still about 78º. For some distances, those are less than ideal temperatures. But for the 3 miler that I had planned, it was great. It was also my first run in the Sauconys. This run was probably my most anticipated event of the day.

Because I have to run out the door in about 10 minutes (to not go running), I'm going to make this brief. It was a diagnostic run, so it was supposed to be on the easier side. When I started, I was a bit worried because my right hamstring was a little tight (despite the dynamic warmup). However, once I got going, I didn't notice it. Actually, it felt really good toward the end.

And the shoes (because I know you're dying to hear about them)! Can I just say that they're awesome? I could notice the weight difference (vs. my Adrenalines). My feet felt great the entire run! Well, everything felt great.

Anyway, so my diagnostic 3M (which was 3.04M, to be exact) took 24:50, which was an 8:10/mi pace. About 30 seconds faster than I was expecting (given that my easy runs are typically around 8:40/mi). For just getting started again, I was quite happy.

Next run's on Thursday. Stay tuned!

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