Monday, January 30, 2012

Active Recovery Works!

Good news! I can finally sit for more than an hour without my piriformis becoming irritated.

Per the Smart Coach training plan, I went for an easy 5M run on Friday. (What makes this easy is the fact that my pace was about 90 sec slower than my race pace for 5M.) Saturday called for rest/cross-training, so I opted for 30 minutes on the elliptical as a means of active recovery. Between both of them, I'm feeling much better now!

Funny story. Right after posting my last entry about wanting a training plan that allowed for more cross-training, I saw a post on No Meat Athlete talking about (almost) the exact same thing! It's specific to cycling, but the first four points are all things that I've read before.

I was using MapMyRun to track my mileage, but I recently created a profile on dailymile. I think both websites are great, but I like the layout of dailymile so much more. To me, it's cleaner and more streamlined.

And now for a running photo and anecdote...

This is National Airport (or DCA, if you're a flying nerd and/or have traveled to DC). I don't normally bring my phone or camera with me when I go running, simply because I hate carrying things. However, I brought it with me because I was running from Alexandria to DC for the first time, barely had any idea where I was going, and didn't want to get lost. While running down Haynes Point, I passed this, and the photo op was too good to pass up! I'd also like this to serve as a reminder that sunnier running days will soon be upon us.

Off to gear up for the week!

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