Sunday, March 23, 2014

Highs, Lows, and Plateaus: Newport Training, Week 2

I recently read a blog post with a weekend recap in "High-Low-High" format, and think it pretty accurately describes my week. So here goes:

High - Finally trying the Vans gluten-free waffles. These had been recommended last week, and I happened to find them on sale, but I didn't open the box until earlier this week. And they're pretty awesome. They're light and fluffy, but have just the right amount of crunch when toasted. They reminded me of the Eggo waffles I haven't had in years. So far, I've tried them with peanut butter, as well as with peanut butter and honey, and both combinations are delicious (though in my mind, you can't go wrong with peanut butter on most things).

Low - Learning that not all vodka is derived from potatoes, and some is derived from wheat. (Article)

Seriously, Grey Goose? You cost enough. The least you can do is not rely on the distilling process to remove the gluten. But I did get a couple good recommendations - Monopolowa and Tito's.

High - Receiving my birthday present from my mom...five weeks in advance.

Yes, I'm aware that she's type A. But I won't complain, because all I wanted was to be surprised by my gift (I was), and the Nutribullet's pretty awesome. No joke, I've probably used it about five times in as many days. (Mainly for smoothie/green juice concoctions, but I did use it to make a peanut satay earlier today.)

Low - After feeling so energetic last week, I just felt rather blah this week. I avoided gluten altogether, and only ate dairy once. Maybe it's because I ate less meat and more lentils and beans?

High - Finding GF frozen breakfast burritos at Whole Foods! No, I have not tried them yet, but I was simply stoked to find them.

Low - Getting my lab results back from my doctor, and finding out that I'm borderline anemic, and that he wants to do further testing. Yup, that'd explain why I was feeling so tired. (I finally ordered my iron supplements, but they won't arrive until Wed. Until then, time to ramp up my meat intake.)

High - My upcoming vacation! I'm heading to San Juan on Wednesday for a friend's wedding, and since I've never been, I'm making an extended vacation out of it. Also, it takes a hella long time to fly there from Oregon, so I'd rather go for more than 2-3 days. Either way, so excited! The forecasted highs are in the 80s and the forecasted lows are in the 70s, which makes this Raynaud's sufferer happy. We'll see how the heat forces me to adjust my training plan for the week.

And with that, I lead into my training recap:

Planned - rest or xt
Actual - Work Challenge

Nothing particularly noteworthy, aside from that it felt good.

Planned - LT 8 mi with 4 mi at 15K-HMRP (6:45-6:48/mi)
Actual - LT 8.01 with 4 mi at 15K pace

My legs definitely were not feeling 100% at the start of this workout, but I forced myself to do this workout as prescribed. (Because while I *could* do this run at a GA pace, how am I supposed to grow as a runner if most of my workouts are at that pace?)
I used the first two miles as my warm-up, so it worked out (nearly) perfectly that from my place over the Broadway Bridge and around to the Greenway is about 1.9 miles (in that I only had to deal with street traffic on the warm-up and cooldown, and I could do the LT portion of this workout relatively uninterrupted).
During the first mile of the LT portion, I had one side of my brain saying, "Just do what you can", and the other side saying, "That's not the point of this workout." I don't really recall my thoughts during mile 2 of the LT interval, aside from being focused on hearing my Garmin beep so that I could turn around. Miles 3 and 4 were a blur of, "Push yourself! You're supposed to push yourself to exhaustion. That's the point." And once my Garmin beeped to signify the end of the LT interval, I was so relieved. I felt like I gave it my all, and somehow, I managed to run each mile a bit faster than the one before it. (Though mile 2 of my cooldown led me to wonder a bit about that one.)
Warm-up: 7:54, 7:41
LT: 6:57, 6:49, 6:44, 6:43 (avg = 6:48; within the target range)
Cooldown: 8:11, 7:08
After doing a few of these lactate threshold workouts now, I'm finally seeing the point of them: to push yourself out of your comfort zone.
Also, I read my training schedule this morning, and realized that my birthday is during the peak week of this cycle (i.e., the 55 mile week), and that I have one of the hardest workouts of the plan scheduled for that day (LT 12 mi with 7 mi @ 15K to HMRP). Fun stuff.

Planned - rest or xt
Actual - rest

My piriformis was feeling a bit tight throughout the day (I think as a result of Tuesday's speed work), and though I had every intention of going to the Work Challenge, I decided to go home and do some pigeon poses instead.

Planned - GA 11 mi
Actual - GA 4.38 mi, Work Challenge, GA 7.12 mi

Part 1:
I had a morning doctor's appt., and meetings scattered throughout the afternoon, so the only way to squeeze in these miles was to split them up. This was around 3:30 or so. Got to run by the cherry blossoms in bloom. (Actually, they've been in bloom the last few times I've run down there, but this is the first time I'm remembering to mention it in my recap).

Splits: 7:20, 7:51, 7:52, 7:11, 7:10 (for 0.38)

Work Challenge:
Last one! So stoked that it's done, so that I can focus more on running now, but I'll have to carve out more time for core and strength work now.

Part 2:
I decided to head home and do part 2 of the MLR in my neighborhood (mainly so I could run, and not have to deal with waiting for the bus to get home and eat). I was tired, and certainly didn't feel like getting out there, but I was already dressed, so I just sucked it up. I definitely did not feel springy (though neither did the weather, despite it being the first day of spring), and I was just annoyed with everyone. Around mile 2, I got a random side-5 from some guy drinking outside at one of the restaurants on Alberta. First time ever!

By about mile 4 or 5, I started to get my second wind, and just let that push me through to the end. It was also around mile 5 that I stopped being annoyed with everyone. Funny enough, this run was the same pace as part 1. That was not planned.

Splits: 7:53, 8:08, 7:42, 7:17, 7:20, 7:29, 7:09, 6:35 (for 0.12)

Foam rolled later, and also massaged my plantar fascia (both feet). 

After I finished this run, my doctor called to tell me about the borderline anemia. If anything would explain my general lethargy, this would be fit.

Planned - rest or xt
Actual - rest

There was also happy hour, shrimp fajitas from a food cart, and game night with friends. Great rest day.

Planned - Recovery 5
Actual - Recovery 5.28

My day got consumed by a haircut, PSU Farmers Market outing, and an impromptu coffee/tea outing with another friend. But I was able to squeeze this in between the Farmers Market and coffee by locking my stuff at 24 in the Pearl and starting/ending there. Compared to Thursday, this felt MUCH better. Plus, the benefit to starting/ending at 24 is that the extra floor space motivated me to do some dynamic stretching, IT band rehab work, and foam rolling after my run.

Splits: 7:15, 7:43, 7:28, 7:32, 6:59, 7:16 (for 0.28)

Planned - LR 15 mi
Actual - LR 15.3 mi

I ventured down the Springwater Corridor for this run, which was a nice change of scenery (I hadn't been down that path in about 6 months). The weather was beautiful, and everyone and their mother seemed to be out (whether on bike, foot, or in the case of one guy, roller skates). By mile 4 (soon after I got on the Springwater), I felt like I was in a good groove. I just ended up losing myself in the run. During mile 7, some random woman passed me on her bike and said "Nice pace." I hit the Sellwood Bridge just before my watch beeped for mile 7, so I just ran an extra 0.5 miles along the railroad tracks, and then turned around. That portion of the path was unpaved and rocky, but it was still fun to explore!

The back half was fairly uneventful. Was still in the zone. I love running back up the Springwater because it just feels good to head back toward civilization. I added a little extra on so that I could crack 40 miles for the week.

Thought of Erin and Lynton on this one, after their amazing races today. (Erin got 3rd overall female in the Oakland full, and Lynton PRed in the Oakland half.)

Splits: 7:51, 7:43, 7:45, 7:35, 7:28, 7:30, 7:30, 7:41 (the rocky path), 7:16, 7:26, 7:21, 7:16, 7:39, 7:48, 7:14, 6:53 (for 0.3)

I had this issue on Thursday, and I had it again today. If I finish exercising, get home, and then opt to eat before changing and showering, I get chills, which are immediately followed up by a Raynaud's attack. After 15 miles, food sounds much better. But if it means having to deal with white fingers, I may have to switch up my routine.

Planned total: 39 mi
Actual total: 40.09 mi

First 40+ mile week in nearly 6 months!

Any tips for running in the heat? Or for training while on vacation? And do you suffer from the post-workout chill?


  1. super awesome! so glad you're doing this recap business because it will ensure I know EVERYTHING that's going on with your training, bwahah. Anyway, have a blast on vacation! I guess I'd say do what you can with your training while you're there, but don't be afraid if you end up missing a couple workouts/runs because it's still early in the cycle, and it might be drastic for your body to go from the temperate OR climate to the (presumably) balmy and humid one of PR. And YEA MAN, I definitely get chills post-workout, which is why when I get home I'm literally stripping off clothes as I walk in so I can go straight to the shower... though sometimes with a stop at the fridge en route ;)

    1. So I'm only now getting around to replying to this! (Okay, that's a lie. I attempted to reply while I was away on vacation, but the mobile version was being super-finicky with that. So I just gave up and went back to my ranchero omelet.) Anyway, I'm glad I'm not the only one who suffers from those post-exercise chills, though I feel for you. Yay for solidarity, I guess? Also, your point about working out on vacation reminded me of an article that Jason (Fitzgerald) wrote on the topic. So I went back and re-read that, and suddenly felt less bad about altering the prescribed workouts (or just skipping a couple).