Monday, May 13, 2013

Random Observations

I was catching up on Facebook this morning, and one of my friends posted a photo from a recent 10K. He's grimacing in said photo, and captioned it, "Worst Race Photo Ever." I told him to go look at my photos from Eugene, because my expressions definitely look worse than your standard grimacing.

That scrunched up look on my face? I think I might've been trying to fix my contacts. Or I might've been ready to clock someone. Yeah, we'll just go with the latter...
And my all-time favorite for "Worst Race Photo Ever"...

Mere yards from the finish line. I look like I'm ready to eat someone's head off, and my friend described my hand gesture as "devil horns" (that's actually my gesture for "Rock on," but I could see why she'd think devil horns).
(For more ridiculous race photos, go here.)

Last week's workouts (week ending 5/12):
Running - x3 (14.18 miles total)
Cycling - x1 (8.6 miles total)
Core - x2
Foam rolling - x4
Salt bath - x1

Each run felt better than the one before it. I'd like to credit the foam rolling for helping me work out the residual kinks in my legs. We've also had some fantastic running weather! (Perhaps a bit on the warm side, but if you know me, you'll know that I'll sooner complain about it being too cold than too warm.) Maybe that had something to do with my quality runs.

After two weeks, I think I can say that I've recovered from that race. Which is good, because my thesis defense is officially scheduled, and God knows I'll probably end up doing some stress running between now and D-Day! And/or stress eating. Either way, I better watch out for cortisol. That crazy B...

One thing I noticed during my recovery was that my appetite seemed to decrease tremendously. Not that I'm complaining (it's a nice change from the peak of my training, when my appetite was insatiable), but when you're used to the insatiable appetite, it feels weird to go for hours without wanting to eat anything.

I had a random discovery during Thursday's run! While running on my usual path along the South Waterfront, I looked around at the trees (rather than the path ahead), and noticed palm trees! Yes, palm trees in Portland! I've run on that spot dozens of times, and can't believe that I never noticed them before Thursday. (If they're fake, don't burst my bubble. I'm happy just thinking that I live somewhere where palm trees are present in nature.)

Anyone else have a moment where you've been somewhere numerous times before noticing some minor/major detail?


  1. Too funny that you just now randomly noticed some palm trees. How could you miss them!? I'm the same way though, except for less exciting things, like street lights, street poles, or even enormous items, like entire buildings or garages... and I'm that way without listening to music when I run. It'd probably be damn near dangerous if I did...

    And great to hear about your recovery going well. I think I'm also beginning to feel normal again. Loved your race pictures; the track one you posted surely screams "IMGETTINGAPRMOTHEREFFERS!!!!!!!!!!!" :)

    1. I'm so relieved to know I'm not the only one who's oblivious while running (and without headphones, at that!)

      And I think I like your caption for that photo of me on the track! Hahaha. I think that PR was on my mind! My thought process was probably along the lines of "That PR's in sight! Get this over with! Push!" (And only later did I realize that I completely forgot about "hands over hearts." I felt terribly about it, but after that effort, I'm lucky I remembered to do some post-run stretching.)